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Preeclampsia increases the risk of epilepsy in children

As we know, preeclampsia is a surge in tension caused by pregnancy and can have serious consequences, both for the mother and the baby, if it is not controlled. Well, according to a study published in the journal "Pediatrics", women who develop preeclampsia during pregnancy have a high risk that their babies suffer epilepsy if they are born from the 37th week of gestation.

Your baby's picture: Javi, the little adventurer

Today, like every Thursday, we bring you an image of your children in the section of your baby's photo. On this occasion I present Javi, a little adventurer who poses so handsome in the grass. The photo is presented by Milena, who is friends with Javi's mother, Alex. They met at the hospital where they gave birth to their little ones (we already know Milena's son, Marcel), and the two families are still in contact, so they expect the little ones to be great friends ... Javi's mother tells us That he is a very good boy, he was born very small but little by little he has made a little "little man" with his two little teeth and that sweet smile gets him to melt.

What uglier toys!

Well, probably some of these toys will delight many children, but what it is to me, the first time I saw them (and the rest) I thought "What an ugly thing!" . I would not like any of these curious pieces to come into my house ... Some of us can see them advertised on television, others have found them on the Internet, and in all of them they shine because of their absence, in my opinion, good taste.

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Increase in childhood diabetes

A few days ago, World Diabetes Day was celebrated, a disease that affects more than 340 million people. We are concerned about the risks of childhood diabetes, whose frequency also increases worldwide. Recall for this the types of diabetes that can affect children, since there are differences between their possible causes, incidence and prevention.

Homeopathy for babies: why it doesn't work

A year ago they came to the Primary Care Center where I worked as a nurse a representative of the Boiron laboratories, leader in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines, and a primary care pediatrician who explained that he had been working with homeopathy for a while, saying names Very rare with dosages impossible to memorize and telling us how thanks to homeopathy a girl with multiple bronchitis had stopped suffering from them and other cases that left us quite perplexed.

Play with the baby according to your mood

The games at night of my husband with my baby, when he wants to play with her because he has not seen her all day and she just wants to go to sleep, have motivated me to write this post. It is not an attack on my husband, who suffers a lot from not seeing her in the week, but a reflection with which you may feel identified.

Why baptize the baby?

For me the answer should be clear, the son of one is baptized by religious conviction. That is why my daughter is not baptized. However, that is not the reason most adduced by the people of my environment or other cases that I know and have baptized their babies. It is even the case of unbelieving couples who end up baptizing their baby.

"Born without smoke", guides that help you quit smoking during pregnancy

The Junta de Andalucía has published some very interesting guides to help all those pregnant women who want to quit smoking. We have 2 guides, which can be consulted online, the "Guide for pregnant women who want to quit smoking", with the subtitle "do it for yourself and your baby" and another titled "How the future father can help his partner to stop smoke".

Beautiful soft toys from Oskar & Ellen

One of the last gifts my daughters received were beautiful soft toys from Oskar & Ellen. It is a Swedish store created by the mother of two children, Ellen & Oskar, where we find hand-sewn cloth toys in the Philippines, a country where the family has lived for some years. What we have at home is the tea set 'English afternoon tea', consisting of 24 pieces, including crockery, tartlets, sandwich, tablecloth, spoon and even tea bag, all cloth.

Multimedia game "Day by day": check your healthy habits

Today we propose a simple multimedia game to learn about healthy habits, which simulates any day in the life of a child. We will accompany Rodrigo on a day in his daily life, from the time the alarm sounds until he goes to bed, with special emphasis on the different meals of the day.

How did you say you were pregnant?

A few days ago we talked about the moment when mothers and fathers give the news of pregnancy to their relatives, explaining some advantages and disadvantages of waiting to say it or saying it almost at the moment the test is positive. Today I want to go a little further so that you and you explain to us how you told others that you were expecting a baby.